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Let us install a clear auto bra or paint protection film on your vehicle!

Car Protectant FilmWe know how important your vehicle is to you.  Regardless of how well you care for your automobile, you are bound to have small pieces of road debris damage the paint or finish on your vehicle.  Small rock chips, paint chips, scratches, and even headlight or headlamp 'cloudiness' can occur when you drive your car.  This can be prevented with the installation of a clear vinyl protective layer of film, also known as a Clear Auto Bra.  


Clear Protectant Film InstallationKeep your car looking new!  Protect your investment from the onset by having Vinyl Images install a clear urethane protectant layer on your vehicle.  Typical application includes covering the front bumper or fascia, headlamps, hood, front fenders, and side mirrors.  This will protect the areas on your vehicle most vulnerable to rocks and other road debris that will cause chips and scratches on your automobile finish.  Clear Auto Bras can also protect your vehicle from bug splatter, stains, ice or road salt, and dirt.



Clear Bra Protectant FilmBy installing a clear paint protective film to any area of your vehicle or car, you end up with a virtually invisible layer of protection for your paint finish.  The film edges and the clear film is practically invisible, is easily removable and replaced should damage occur, and cleans easily.  Prevent the high cost and hassle of repainting your vehicle in the future by choosing to have Vinyl Images install the paint protective film to your motorcycle, SUV or truck, car, motor home, recreational vehicle, or any other application you can dream up.  

Advantages of Protective Film:

  • Protect your paint from rock chips and hazards of the road
  • Professional quality installation and high quality industry standard film is utilized by Vinyl Images
  • Virtually invisible film that will not alter the look of your vehicle or damage your paint
  • Easily removable

Contact Vinyl Images today for your clear automotive bra, or paint protection film needs today!